GO VPN Mod Apk

GO VPN Mod Apk is a free and secure private network. Most of the android user claims about spying and security issues. GO VPN. A lot of security network already working but space is always that needs to be filled with the perfect network browser.

This private network will hide your IP and make your security and fingerprint. Many attackers try to manipulate and attack your data. It will make your connection more secure from possible attacks.

GO VPN mode is a more secure and encrypted private network among all available in android devices.

Not only about connection, but it is also free to connect and you can connect without registration. There is no hidden cost or payment. Many proxy networks and IP options are available to connect. Country selection is not limited so you can connect in every country. GO VPN premium comes with unlimited streaming and download options without any limit. There is no limit for storage or file storage.

GO VPN Mod Apk Features

Some common features of VPN’s are included in this and extra power features are also included in this list. Here are some features of this private network.

Ad free Connection

Like premium network, there are no ads in this private network.No registration required for installation of VPN. Just one click will make you download this VPN in your android device.

Unlimited Streaming

Unlimted proxy locations and country availability is not only unlimited option. You can stream videos unlimited. There is no trial or no payments option for this VPN. Unlimited file storage and transfer option are also available. This VPN will provide you highest speed connection,p2p freedom and unrestricted access to content.

Incognito Browsing

Incognito VPN tunnel and browsing option. Sometimes we need access for educational purpose or study material so it will provide you with government censored content. It is turbocharged VPN with express speed.

Private Wi-Fi Network

Public wifi restrictions are most hectic to use. It will make your connection secure so no cache history for public Wi-Fi networks. You can use this network in any public place. It will disable campus, school, college or university restrictions. Network provide private internet access for free VPN usage.

Geo Access

Unlimited usage of GO VPN provides access to Hulu, Netflix or youtube content near to your place location. It will bypass government blocks or firewalls or general censorship. It will secure your device connection in Hotels, bars, cafes, train, airports or any public place.

Social Network Accesss

it will bypass geo-restrictions and make you able to unblock other social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp. It will also unblock voice or video calls fro WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

How To Download GO VPN Premium Mod Apk for Free?

It is very easy to download GO VPN in your android device. Just one click and you will have this VPN in your device. Follow thee steps.

  • Click below any download link or click button
  • Wait for downloading till it starts
  • It depends on file size but it can take time
  • Click on the install button after downloading
  • Now you have this browser in your mobile device.

GO VPN File Info

App NameGO VPN Apk
Latest Version1.6.1
File Size7.1M


  • VPN tunnel and incognito browsing
  • Ad-free and unlimited streaming
  • Unlimited access without registration or hidden payment
  • Secure for Public Wi-Fi network.


Glitches in download if browser network is not updated. Download the current version of Apk from the above file and update device.

Common Features of VPN

As we mentioned some catchy features of GO VPN but still some features are worthy to mention. These features are common in every private network. You should be aware of these features that these features are also included in this.

  • When we install any VPN, there is no need to go in incognito mode because this VPN will do dual function. Your traffic becomes encrypted and enjoys everything in private browser.
  • Most of the VPN will hide your IP address so bypass geo-restrictions. It will help you to enjoy every location worldwide.
  • Enjoy in Public locations and Wi-Fi. Your every activity will be in the private browser so enjoy traffic encryption in private mode.

Alternative to GO VPN Premium mode Apk

There is no second opinion that GO VPN is the best one in the list when you choose the overall perfect private network. But some alternatives are also available in store.

Some users love to use other VPN’s like Betternet Hotspot VPN, Psiphon Pro Apk, Ip Vanish Apk and some other networks.


Is GO VPN is safe to use?

Yes, GO VPN provides secure encryption and browsing. It provides you secure network without any store of cache or traffic. Your traffic will b encrypted.

Is GO VPN Premium is free to use?

Yes, that is a good thing about this network. There is no registration and hidden charges for this network. You can use it unlimited without any fee.


When we select any VPN, there are a lot of choices for us but we should consider all factors before selection. Some other virtual private networks are available but they are lacking with essential features or paid. Use GO VPN Premium mode Apk for unlimited access and kick out hidden charges.

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